Fix Your Blog SEO

Search Engine Optimization or SEO has been known to be an effective tool to help websites or webpages make it to a higher position in search results of search engines like Google. SEO essentially improves search rankings through organic i.e. non-paid measures. While most companies or bloggers create intensive strategies that are aimed to just fool the algorithm, it is actually necessary to invest time in holistic SEO. Holistic SEO helps build better credibility of the website in its market. If you are a blogger who wants to establish domain knowledge or a company that posts regular blogs in their field of work, here are a few tips from the Best SEO Services USA to drive higher traffic to your website.
1. Research keywords before starting: Even before you start writing, researching the right keywords to use is important. To dominant the search results you need to understand what are the keywords your audience is searching with. These are the topics you should be writing about and keywords you should be using. This keyword research helps you reach the right audience in the right place and also helps Google push you to the right people quicker.

2. Think through your piece first: Always think before you write! What do you want to the audience to understand/learn? What is the problem your post will helps solve? What do you want the readers to do at the end of the blog/ post/ article? Answering these questions will allow you to create a piece that matches the search intent of your readers.

3. Plan the post structure: Structuring your blog/ post/ article makes it easily readable and SEO-friendly. This means that every blog/ post/ article needs to have a headline, a solid introduction, a body, and finally a conclusion that includes a call to action for the readers. You can write down all the above in a few lines and create a blog summary before getting into the post.

4. Keep the sentences fluid: Forcing keywords into every sentence is not ideal for your website ranking. In fact, stuffing them in might hurt your overall ranking. Google has evolved and it certainly wants to show users articles that they will love rather than those with the right keywords all over the place. Synonyms and related words are a great indication to Google about the topic of the post. Hence, let the blog flow smoothly and use synonyms and related keywords along with the main keyword to ensure that the blog performs well.

5. Optimize article length: The word length of a blog post also plays a key role in its performance. Per popular SEO engines, 300 words are the minimum length of a blog post. While Google likes long articles, very long articles can scare away readers. You should only try your hand at long articles if you are a skilled writer because holding the reader’s interest throughout may get difficult otherwise. And if readers keep going off from the website, it indicates to Google that this article may not be useful.

These 5 quick tips will help you easily build SEO for your blog and ensure that you land up in more search results. However, getting professional help to design and develop the website’s SEO may be a good idea here. This is where a reliable SEO Agency USA like AGR Technologies can be of help!

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