Role of Free Tools Like Search Console and Analytics in SEO

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SEO is a continual process. You need to put in a lot of effort to gain the desired results. To ease your work, there are several free tools available that can benefit a lot in the process of SEO. These free tools play a major role in SEO. 
1. Analyze the performance of your website
2. Evaluate your competitors’ SEO strategies
3. Save time and money on manual SEO audits
4. Find the right keywords for content
5. Track the progress

In this article, we will talk about two of the most vital SEO tools that are used by every SEO expert to measure and improve their performance. 

1. Google Search Console
Google Search Console is a tool provided by Google which includes features like search appearance, search traffic, technical status updates, and many more. The data provided by Search Console can help you determine new ranking opportunities, boost performance and understand how traffic is coming to your website.

Our strategic internet marketing services are among the best ones. We use Search Console to gather information about the traffic, technical site health, errors, warnings, sitemaps report, core web vitals report, mobile-friendliness, usability report, etc. Other than these, the index coverage report is also very important which allows us to see how covered our website is in the Google index. You can easily monitor your website’s visibility on Google. It not only helps us to track the performance of our website but also helps us fix the errors. It provides the data necessary to improve your digital marketing strategies for more leads and conversions. Google Search Console is a user-friendly tool that is widely used by small businesses and SEO expert Worcester.

2. Google Analytics
Google Analytics is another tool that is very important for a website. It gives information about the visitors to a particular website and the effects of marketing campaigns. The analytics dashboard is divided into five standard reports, which are further divided into sub-sections giving full insights about the audience, their behavior, demography, bounce rate, etc. It basically helps you to understand your audience better. You can trust our reliable SEO services in USA as we provide you with genuine reports, weekly and monthly.

Real-Time Report- It gives insights into the current activity on your website. It provides the details about the visitor who has visited your webpage within the last five minutes. This report includes page view, visitor’s location, traffic source, and interactions. 

Audience Report- It gives information about the visitors who have visited your website in the past week. It allows you to compare the data with previous ones and track the progress. The data includes the number of new users, page views, sessions, average session duration, bounce rate, etc. 

Acquisition Report- This report basically shows the source of traffic. It gives the details about which channel is driving traffic to your website, organic search, referral, direct, social, paid search, or any other. It allows you to identify which channel is more profitable.

Behavior Report- It shows how a visitor behaves on your website, which page they exit, where they spend more time, how are landing pages performing, and which content is performing well. This can help you to improve the conversion rate. It also gives great perceptions of user experience. 

Conversions Report- As the name suggests, it gives details about the conversions. It is very beneficial for e-commerce websites and other businesses that are looking for new subscribers and leads.

Together, all these reports can help you to track the performance of your website and plan the digital marketing strategy accordingly and plan an effective content marketing strategy to engage the audience, providing a rich user experience.

Both Search Console and Analytics are important to monitor different aspects vital for SEO. But there are many more free tools available that should also be used for better performance. Although there are paid tools also which can certainly be used if you are a digital marketing company, handling various projects. Otherwise, you can use free tools that are equally effective.

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