Essential SEO Metrics You Must Track!

AGR Technologies Inc. is the top most SEO agency in Worcester that helps you build the SEO strategies that actually work. We know how important SEO is for any website. But to measure the performance of your website, you must ensure to track certain metrics. These SEO metrics not only measure but also help you in improving the performance of your website. In this blog, we will talk about such SEO metrics that will make your work easier.
1. Organic Traffic - We work on SEO primarily to increase organic traffic on our website. If your website rank higher in SERPs without paying anything, you get organic traffic! It is crucial to measure organic traffic by two ways: landing pages and location. Tracking organic traffic by landing pages will help you to figure out which pages need extra effort to rank higher. Similarly, tracking organic traffic by geographical location can be helpful in altering you SEO strategies however needed.

2. Click-through Rate (CTR)- CTR is another important metric that help you in finding out the average percentage of users clicking on your links. This can easily determine if your content is interesting enough to attract the users or not. You must assess the top keywords that are probably not performing well due to low quality content. Subsequently, you know you need to optimize your webpages. The quality of content should reflect the intent of users. The best SEO agency in USA can help you create SEO strategy that will optimize your webpages that are not performing well.

3. Bounce Rate- We have talked about bounce rate in the earlier blog. We know how important it is to have low bounce rate. The lower the bounce rate, the better the ranking of your website! Obviously, it is not good that your users are leaving your website without any desired action. By measuring bounce rate metric, you know you need to do on-site optimization so that visitors can spend time there.

4. Conversion Rate- Conversion rate is crucial for every business. Higher rankings in SERPs and high amount of organic traffic are useless unless you are converting the visitors into customers. If you keep track of conversion rate, you know how well your marketing strategies are working. AGR Technologies Inc., being one of the best SEO companies in Worcester, builds the appropriate strategy that will increase conversion rates. Conversion rates should be analyzed by different factors like locations, devices and landing pages.

In the next blog, we shall discuss about more SEO metrics that give helpful insights about the performance of your website. When you keep track of these SEO metrics, you can work on improving your website. Take advantage of the available tools and start measuring them. A professional SEO company can be of great help. We are the top SEO agency in Worcester with years of experience and expertise in enhancing the SEO of our clients. We can help you in measuring and continuously monitoring these SEO metrics and improve your SEO strategy.