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Dr. Lavana’s dental practice
( was expanding, but it did not have significant online presence.

When they were opening additional offices in Boston Metrowest area, they needed help with setup of their office IT infrastructure, including Network, Servers, Desktop computers, firewall and routers etc. When Dr. Lavana’s team approached AGR Technologies, we helped with their all-round IT needs. This was an end-to-end execution of a comprehensive managed IT services plan. With their practice spread over three locations.

AGR Technologies setup each location with its infrastructure, after careful planning. All IT assets are setup and are maintained by the qualified staff at AGR. In addition to taking care of this dओental practice’s IT assets, AGR also built an elegant website for them that is easy to use and easy to navigate. For increasing the reach of this website amongst potential clients AGR also undertakes the SEO (search engine optimization) effort, which dramatically improved their website’s rankings in search results. This success story is still ongoing with the continued engagement from this valued client of ours.

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