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We are a Pearson Vue Authorized Testing Center

Due to COVID-19 guidelines, our testing center respectfully requires all testing candidates to comply with the following rules:

  • You must wear a face mask. The mask will be inspected prior to entering the test room.
  • Wash your hands in the restroom upon arrival at the test center.
  • Use hand sanitizer upon guidance from test center staff before the admissions process and before entering the testing room.
  • Hand sanitizer will be available throughout the test center. Candidates may also bring their own into the testing room.
  • A candidate may wear disposable gloves throughout their test, but must demonstrate to the administrator that nothing is hidden in the gloves. Gloves will not be provided by the test center.
  • Use the tissue provided to cover your nose and mouth in case of sneezing or cough.

Our test center staff is following strict cleaning regimens after each admission session and exam session, including disinfecting all items that candidates come into contact with.

By appearing to test, you certify that:

  • You have not been diagnosed with COVID-19 or been in close personal contact with someone who has a confirmed COVID-19 diagnosis.
  • You have had no flu-like symptoms in the last 14 days, such as fever or chills and a cough, sore throat, or shortness of breath.
  • You have not travelled internationally within the last 14 days or been in close personal contact with someone who has travelled internationally within the last 14 days

Note: Plenty of free Parking available!

Please Call 508-422-9800 or visit us to register for the exam

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